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The A/C unit is working awesome

I have always loved being in nature. I think the appreciation for the outdoors came when I was younger! My dad would always take us camping with him, plus from there I just continued to explore wherever I could.  Now, it’s our goal to get our own kids to delight in the outdoors like I do. So far, it has been a real challenge because they haven’t been keen on leaving the air conditioning behind. I have a son plus a daughter, and they are both attached to this house.  However they prefer staying out of the heat so that they can be in a climate controlled place and they are both too dependent on technology. They are always on their cell phones or playing video games. I think they need to be forced to leave the things behind from time to time!  Heck, I would perhaps bend on the air conditioning. I have considered renting a small lodge at a state park so they could adjust to nature trips incrementally. The lodge would be climate controlled, so they could have a cool place to sleep. Still, I would make them leave their cellphones behind. There’s no reason for one when out hiking as there’s no signal anyway! My aim is to get them outside their comfort zones a little bit this summer. My dad had it easy in that he never had to rip me away from technology. I enjoyed being outdoors. It’s a weird scenario this week.  Kids are just too dependent on their devices if you ask me!

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