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Putting my right foot forward

When I was in college I got my degree in interior design.  It was a fantastic major for me because I have regularly enjoyed setting up rooms plus helping family & friends choose items to decorate their homes! Now, I work for a major design firm, plus it’s my dream career!  When designing a space or a home, I regularly attempt to design the layout so that it matches the flow of the entire house. One thing I’ve understood over the years is that it’s important to keep in mind what kind of heating & cooling system homeowners use most often. In some cases, I work in places where there is no furnace.  When this is the situation, I make sure to build the room around the fireplace so that it might be both attractive plus functional. I have also designed spaces where the only cooling system available was a portable cooling system. In this case, I did the best i could to hide the unit so that it wouldn’t take away from the art plus the furniture in the room.  There can be a lot of work arounds when it includes the cooling systems or the gas furnaces in a home, however I am regularly up for a new challenge. I never assume what kind of space I may have on my hands, plus the goal is to make sure it looks nice so that it’s liveable for the homeowners. Occasionally I even find it fun when I must work with a non-traditional HVAC unit of some sort.  At this point, I think I can face whatever is thrown at me!

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