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My dad lived across the country from us so we would have to take a plane in order to visit him.  My parents divorced when I was quite young and then my dad moved to the opposite coast! My sisters and I would fly to our dad’s every summer where we were able to spend the whole month with him.  We always found the airport to be a frightening place when we were younger. Back then smoking was still allowed in the airport as well as on the planes. In fact, this was the case pretty much everywhere you travelled! I remember having to sit next to people on the plane that were smoking plus drinking.  It was very different then compared to how things are now. The ventilation systems haven’t changed much on planes since back then, the whole plane smelled like a bar. When I travel I think to myself how awful that was for all of us, especially as children who were trapped in that stale, unhealthy air, for hours on a closed up airplane. I am sure that the air travelled through some sort of ventilation system, but there was no way it filtered out all the junk that was put in the air by all those smokers. Not to mention the stench that came from all those ashtrays. If young people today were to go on a plane and have to deal with those conditions I am sure that they would decide to sue the airlines for unsafe conditions.  Back then, they just put us on the plane without even thinking about it. Things have actually changed for the better I would say.

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