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Having an even bigger headache

I think that most people put off dealing with household repairs until they have no other option! That’s exactly how I used to be too. When I first purchased my country cottage I had no idea that service jobs needed to be done even if things weren’t showing any signs of distress. For instance, I rarely looked at my HVAC equipment there was actually a reason to. Since I didn’t show my HVAC system any attention other than adjusting the thermostat it meant that when it started to show signs of trouble I would have no choice but to call an HVAC technician out to my home. Last summer there was one night during a major heat wave that my cooling system went out and my cooling system was only blowing warm air.  At the time I knew it hadn’t been acting right but I ignored it until it quit working altogether. I ended up having to go without my cooling system for three days! After the HVAC technician inspected my cooling system I learned that this actually had something to do with the fact that I hadn’t changed the air filters in months. These just weren’t things that I thought about as a new homeowner. I was so worried with getting my home decorated as well as landscaping the yard that I would forget all about the things that were actually important such as keeping my cooling system running. Now, I keep a running list of things that need to be done around the house. I make an effort to get them done on Saturdays. I realize that neglecting my a/c can turn into a pretty extravagant ordeal. That’s why I’m way more extreme about taking care of it now.   The household chores aren’t always fun, however they sure keep us from having a major disaster down the road. I’ve learned my lesson for good!

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