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I’ve actually been volunteering at my local animal rescue for a number of years now. I don’t have the cash to donate to the care of the animals as I’d like to, although I do have the time to offer to care for them, so that’s what I do. For some people, it’s the opposite; they would prefer to volunteer to help out, however can’t, so instead they offer donations of cash, toys, food, plus other various necessities. The rescue relies on both kinds of people to actually survive! Fairly recently, we were faced with a crisis scenario when the shelter’s HVAC device was damaged during a storm, leaving the kennels separate from the usual air conditioner device. The animals couldn’t be left in an overheated building, however we didn’t have the cash required to pay to repair the HVAC device. Everyone right away made plans to deal with this situation! A campaign was started online to raise the funds required to pay the HVAC business to maintenance our HVAC device, while volunteers in the area agreed to take some of the animals home with them in the meantime. I actually took multiple cats to my beach household for a couple of days. I would have kept them longer happily until the HVAC device was repaired, however it only took a few days with people all over the world pitching in online to raise the funds needed. It was quite overwhelming to see how much support we were being given by total strangers who wished to help out these poor animals. And so, not even a week after the storm, the HVAC device was repaired, plus with the AC was operating again and everything went back to normal. Without both the volunteers plus the donators, the situation would have a great deal worse, however working together the complication was entirely resolved.

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