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Despite not being truly wealthy, I absolutely love to treat myself to little comforts in my day-to-day life to help make things feel wonderful! For my birthday gift last year I got myself a whole-home air purifier with a built-in fragrance diffuser to both improve the indoor air quality of my household while also making the air smell great. With a variety pack of scents I am able to change the fragrance based on whatever I’m in the mood to smell. I have this set up in my dining room, & everyone who visits pretty much always compliments me on how nice the room smells & how easy it is to breathe. This makes me totally feel nice about myself & my ability to take care of my place. Something else I’ve set up for my own comfort is that I have a small space furnace inside of my bathroom which I turn on every time I take a shower. This makes it so when I’m ready to get out, the furnace has the bathroom feeling toasty, removing any risk of me feeling wet & freezing which was consistently an uncomfortable experience for me. I can take my time drying off instead of having to hurry so I can get clothes on as quickly as possible, which would lead to my hair leaving massive wet streaks down the back of my shirt. Whenever I manage to save enough to get a nice place of my own, I hope to install radiant floors which I can set to turn on in the daytime, preparing the floors for when I get out of bed so I’m not greeted with a freezing shock! They may all seem like minor, unnecessary conveniences, however these small improvements to my quality of life has me feeling more excited than ever before.

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