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How my budget works

After falling on some strenuous times just the other year, I moved back to the lake house into my parent’s basement. They allowed me to reside there with no rent so long as I helped out around the household, which I was glad to do. Anything I wanted for myself I’d have to get for myself, however if there was something I was able to get that would benefit the family everyone would certainly pitch in. This seemed like a pretty fair arrangement to me… So, when the evenings started getting chillier and the basement got too chilly for myself and others to sleep comfortably, I knew without a doubt that I needed to save up to get myself a heater device. I don’t really know why exactly, however the house’s gas furnace did not extend down into the basement area, which is why only I felt so nippy while all the people upstairs in the household had heating. And since the basement was my own personal space, and nobody else used it, it was ultimately my responsibility to take care of anything down there for my own personal comfort, even if heating was something that absolutely should have been included to begin with. I had started to get various job positions on and off again, as I worked from the lake house as a freelance programmer. After a little while, I was able to afford buying myself my own little space oil furnace for the basement area. I had ordered it online, and my dad was the one who signed for the delivery when it got to the household. When I explained to him what it was, he entirely laughed, telling me they already had a space oil furnace put away in storage out in the garage that I would have been welcome to use. I wish I had known about that a lot sooner, however at least with our new little space oil furnace that I worked for I knew there would be no more nippy evenings for me.

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