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This is a climate I enjoy

It doesn’t matter where we happen to be, be it in the car, at an eating establishment, in a store, or if she’s going to visit my apartment, I swear my mother regularly grubles about the air conditioning device. In her own car, if she’s driving us somewhere, she has the complaint that the AC isn’t powerful enough, but if I’m driving in my car, she complains that my AC is too powerful and she ends up feeling ice-cold! There is no cheerful middle ground for her, no matter where we happen to be, the air conditioning device is either too cold for her or it isn’t working well enough and she’s too hot. She regularly has to voice her complaints during these occasions. When she comes over to visit I regularly do my best to try to make her comfy but it never seems to work. I finally decided to save up to get my household a brand new, state-of-the-art air conditioning device, and invited her over to check it out after I managed to get it installed. I handed her the remote – this was my first AC device with a remote! – and told her to set the temperature the way she preferred it. After fiddling with the controls for a couple of minutes, and letting the temperature in the room settle, my mother finally smiled. I couldn’t help but to let out a massive sigh of relief. I immediately inputted her settings as a saved mode in my A/C device, so that whenever she visits I can regularly switch back to these unique settings that allowed my undoubtedly finicky mother to finally be pleased with my apartment’s air conditioning device.

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