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I’m happy about this

A couple of months ago, I was homeless for 2 weeks. I moved into my apartment, in the Springtime. I chose the apartment building, because it was so close to my work! Being able to walk to my place of work is a nice perk. I save cash on gas, maintenance fees, and vehicle fees. I labor during the day, so I don’t even walk alone inside the evening. The newly constructed building had been constructed only 2 years previously, and all of the appliances still seemed brand new. My kitchen had a stainless steel refrigerator and stove, and a self composting garbage disposal… Around the start of summer months, I noticed the cooling system wasn’t entirely cooling as it did in the Springtime. With the extra heat and humidity, I figured this was probably normal. I adjusted the temperature control component a few degrees lower, however it didn’t seem to make all that much of a difference. I decided to contact the building supervisor. When they came to check on the cooling device, they discovered a great deal of mold growth. The mold had been growing behind the cooling device. This was not causing the concern with the cooling system, however the building supervisor had to remedy the issue right away. Evidently, mold remediation is a long and complicated process. They had to take out the entire cooling system, in order to officially service the mold disfigurement. I was sent to live in a local hotel, for those 2 weeks. It wasn’t all that bad living in a hotel for 2 weeks, other than the long drive to my place of work. When I finally came back to my household, my apartment was back to normal and the cooling device was cooling.

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