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We are very stressed now

When my sister & I were in our early twenties, both of us had a tiny beach household together. My sister was attending university in town. She had a job at the local dairy queen, however I was doing work at the bank, making a pretty fine wage. Both of us were close growing up, & living together seemed like a smart move even though the first few weeks were pretty hard. It took a few weeks for my sister to adjust to early day courses. After a couple of weeks, both of us finally settled into a routine, and everything was coasting along smoothly. Both of us were saving quite a bit of money. Then, my sister met a current girlfriend. They met at university, & she lived on campus. My sister wasn’t allowed to visit the dorms, so she was typically at our place. It was seriously frustrating, because our beach household was so small! Sandra did something last week, that changed my opinion of her altogether. My sister & I had been gone for the course of the day. When both of us came back to the apartment, our cooling system device wasn’t working. It was sizzling in the apartment, & the temperature control equipment was showing 78 degrees. I opened up the door to the cooling system device, & there was a very thick layer of ice on the cooling system coils. My sister called Sandra, & she said she would love to help us out. She used a hair dryer to melt the ice on the cooling system device coils. I thought she was nuts, but it worked perfectly. Both of us caught the dripping water in a pan. After the ice was eventually melted, the cooling system device worked again. Sandra said the air filter was entirely blocked up, & that caused the issue. I was ecstatic she was there to help with the cooling system device. ¬†

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