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Frank plus Mary have lived in a variety of households since getting married twenty years back.  A few times, they moved because Frank’s task position changed plus he was transferred. Another few times, they moved because they needed a bigger lake household for their growing family.  But never have they moved just because they wished to, until recently. Frank retired from his task at the age of sixty, plus Mary began talking about looking for a modern household, one that would be perfect for them to grow old in because their youngest child will be off to college soon.  They had quite a bit of money saved, so began searching. They made a list of all the things most crucial to them, plus brought the checklist each time they looked at a modern household. Sadly, nothing they looked at was appealing to them. So they eventually decided they should build their dream household, just to their particularations.  They could choose everything, from paint colors down to appliances plus even the style of heating plus a/c device they desired. There were so many options, from a central AC & central furnace to individual Heating plus A/C devices for various rooms plus floors. One thing Mary was honestly excited about was the opportunity to have radiant heating.  By running a system of pipes with heated water beneath the floors, they could take care of most their heating that way, and she also loved the idea of Heating plus A/C zone control. This way they could control each room separately through apps on their iPhones. Finally, the two of them would have the lake household of their dreams, with modern Heating plus A/C technology that meets their every demand.

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