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Andrea leads a very tied up life.  She’s got three youngsters, a spouse, as well as a few pets.  She also is trying to run a business from home while the adolescents are in school.  She doesn’t make a whole lot of money, although she puts some aside for small luxuries.  She enjoys to shop as well as get her nails as well as hair done with her additional money, however her number one way to spend her well-gained money is by getting a pleasant massage.  When she walks into the massage establishment, she feels as though she’s in a Mediterranean spa, ready to be spoiled. There are charming locker rooms with dipping pools as well as candles lit just about everywhere, and it has the nicest aroma.  She tends to spend as long as possible there, just enjoying as well as resting in the lounge. On her last visit, her number one masseuse told her they’d installed a current air conditioner as well as air filter device! She didn’t know much about it, until she was lying on the massage table as well as heard a substantial whoosh of air from above.  Suddenly, the air duct was blowing frosty air across her entire body. She instantly tensed, hoping it would shut off sooner than later. But the air conditioner kept on blowing. She asked the masseuse to adjust the temperature control unit, however the woman didn’t have that capability. She spent the rest of the hour just shivering, but when she left, she told the front desk about HVAC zone control.  This is a heating as well as cooling system her own HVAC corporation had informed her about, allowing each room’s air conditioner or gas furnace to be controlled independently, through an app on your phone. It’s absolutely crazy that an establishment designed solely for the customer’s comfort wouldn’t have individualized temperature control for each separate room!

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