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I’m a bit protective of that

Sarah had a hard time the last few years.  She used to own a bait plus tackle shop, however during a hurricane one year, the building she owned was reduced to a mess.  Even though she got some insurance cash, it wasn’t enough for her to start back up fresh. So she’s gone from job to job, hoping to find something that she can enjoy doing.  For a while, she worked as a handyman, fixing things for various people, doing some plumbing, some woodwork, and a variety of jobs. She enjoyed this kind of work immensely. She has basically always appreciated to work with her hands, plus she enjoys interacting with all sorts of people all of the time.  After a couple years of doing this, she began to hone in on her skills. She especially enjoyed working on any job that had to do with a/c plus heating devices. She found the labyrinth of ductwork that traveled inside the walls of buildings to be rather fascinating. She checked with a local Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer, plus they hired her directly.  They sent her out to do ductwork cleaning plus sealing. Air conditioning tune-ups were her favorite kind of call. She enjoyed educating her Heating and A/C customers about air quality plus common maintenance measures to ensure the overall cleanliness of their air. Most people don’t actually realize how crucial indoor air conditions is to their overall health.  She even managed to convince some people to let her install whole-household air purifiers into their homes. With all her customers, she informed them they should have a Heating and A/C repair plan, plus should call her at least once a year in order to perform a/c maintenance for them.

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