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What a nice thermostat

I am done.I recognize that I’ve reached a point of no return as far as this stupid job is considered! For me, enough is enough, and I would rather be jobless than continue to torture myself every day. What’s the problem, you ask? The dress code where I work is completely unsuited to the air quality in my space and I’m not putting up with it any longer.

            When I first took this job, I was informed up front that the office had a formal dress code. Immediately, I was displeased with this information, as I thought that the world needs to relax re traditional supplier expectations in today’s global market. Further, I was concerned about the logistics of travelling to work each day in a work suit with the air was hugely hot and humid. Yet, I figured that I would only need to survive from our front door to the car, and then the A/C in my motorcar would be cool and dry enough to support my long commute to work. From there, the indoor air conditioning at the office would be able to keep me comfortable for the rest of the day without starting a sweat.

              The problem is that I was hired for an different job from what they advertised. I’m not even working in the office, so I don’t never get to use their central AC. Instead, we’re sent out to go doorfrom  to door, selling for Fortune 500 companies in the intense summertime heat. By the time I get back to my vehicle, the car’s A/C hardly makes any difference to my hot body. These are awful, unethical working conditions.



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