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An issue with the heater

It was a really sizzling Summer and a maybe one of the worst things ever happened to us; the A/C quit working! I felt bad because I knew I could have gotten the A/C checked on this year before the Summer months! Actually, I did not get to having that done, but now my dang family had to suffer because of me. I called a slew of Heating & Air Conditioning companies and they were all booked solid for weeks! I went to a number of stores but they were all sold out of the air conditioners, so the people I was with and I were out of options, all the people I was with and I had some stationary fans and our ceiling fans and we were already using the, then it wasn’t any joy for us though since it was totally just overheated, humid air flowing around! My kid then said she had an thought, however I wasn’t going to love it. I said what was it she was saying? She said there was this aged window A/C unit in the abandoned metal building up the street. It basically just sat in the window. I said that was stupid, I wasn’t going to take any risk of being put in jail for B&E the people I was with and I would find another solution, but well, we just continued to sweat in the bad heat, and the next morning, my child had this window A/C in our home. I asked where this came from and she said she couldn’t take it any longer, and she went out last night to get the A/C from the abandoned metal building, and she said to be truthful, she thought someone else should have taken it since it was so stifling. I was mad at him, and at the same time, the people I was with and I were all dying from the intense heat… Each one of us decided to just hook it in and use it til the people I was with and I could get a Heating & Air Conditioning supplier to the house, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. I however I was not cheerful with my child for breaking the law. Of course, I felt like a jerk because I put him and the whole family in this situation by not getting that A/C check up!

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