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I’m not sure what to do

One summer weekend, our parents went on a trip, it was just my sister and I with the home all to alone. We thought it might be good but we were in for a surprise. It was a seriously sizzling weekend in the 90s plus my sister and I decided to crank on air conditioning. It was feeling good for quite a time but we were just great playing some video stuff. Then every we both heard a loud bang from the basement and the air conditioning shut down quickly. I went to check our control equipment but it seemed to be fine, despite the fact we  couldn’t get the air flow to come back on. I even looked at the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment in our basement; it just wasn’t working. We were flipping out because we thought our folks would kill us for busting the Heating & Air Conditioning unit. I told my sister to call the parents, tell them what happened but she wanted me to do itl. We fought on this for a little bit but it just kept getting even hotter, so we knew that we had to do something! I finally reached our parents. They were more distraught for us than much else. They didn’t seem too mad about the Heating & Air Conditioning thing being broken. They said to hold still while they contacted the Heating & Air Conditioning technician.  After they called him up, they called me and my sister back to let us hear that the Heating & Air Conditioning company would be here very soon, and to let him in to service our Heating & Air Conditioning unit. When the company arrived, she was a particularly nice girl then went straight to the temperature control plus then the Heating & Air Conditioning unit, and she was able to get our air conditioning working again in no time at all! We thanked the nice girl for saving us, plus then I cranked up the air conditioning again to a great temperature.

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