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I can’t wait to be together

My neighborhood house is particularly tiny, however i live in an overcrowded city, so housing is designed to fit several units as possible, but, it is particularly typical to see smaller housing units throughout the city.  I don’t mind the size of our house too much because it is just our girlfriend and me living there. It is also a really nice house with modern amenities, which makes up for the size. The only thing that makes the size a concern is the stability of the temperature.  It gets too sizzling hot way too abruptly in here, especially when I am using the dryer in the kitchen. The dryer only works well if I keep the door open. This allows the heat from the dryer to escape outside. When the dryer is used, it causes our entire house to feel like a sauna.  I know this is caused from terrible ventilation. I have complained to the property manager about this, but she didn’t have any quick solutions for me. Now, I turn off the heat and run the air conditioning any time I want to utilize the dryer. I even do this in the middle of winter months.  This is a particularly inefficient and pricey solution, running the cooling component makes our energy bills spike higher. If I remember to do this before work, I will run the dryer as I am departing our apartment. This allows the house to overheat when not a single person is home. It is hard to remember to do this.  I am hoping our next house will be a bit greater in space, so that I can avoid this concern in the future.

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