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We are having issues with our heating system

My mother overthinks everything.  She is regularly upset about preparing for the worst thing possible.  For example, at the start of winter, she stocks up on non-perishable items and bottled water in case the electric  goes out, even though the gas station is within walking distance from where she lives. Another example is that she regularly plans a yearly maintenance check for her heating plan before Wintertime starts.  She is so upset that the heating plan could stop working in the middle of winter, so she thinks she could advert this by checking for any concerns before Wintertime begins. I used to tell her that she was wasting her time and money.  I believed that Heating, Ventilation, and A/C companies were just taking advantage of people around our moms age. She wouldn’t listen to it though. Eventually, I was proven false. Last year, our mother set her annual maintenance check in the middle of Autumn.  The heating repairman and my mom are on a first name basis, so she was eagerly awaiting their annual meeting. She thought it would be the common overhaul in where she took a look at the plan and said that everything was fine. This time, she said that a section was nearly split in two.  It needed to be repaired instantly before Wintertime started. If our Dad didn’t have this checked before Wintertime started, it would have broke off after two weeks of use. She was so thrilled that she caught this and stopped any further concerns. In that moment, I realized that our mother was right to take preventative actions.  Afterall, mother is regularly correct!

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