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We are all worried

Generally speaking, I tend to freak out about privacy and personal space. I just don’t like the idea of people in my room, looking at my things, or moving them around. I very much want to be in control of my environment, keeping everything exactly where I left it. That said, I really am trying to let go of some of these anxieties, especially considering all of the house guests we have these days. I hardly have any privacy, with all the people rotating in and out of our home. I’ve managed to let go a little, but every so often I’m reminded of my underlying issues… Last weekend, for instance, when our in laws stayed over and managed to destroy our furnace in a 2 day record. We’d gone out of town for a hiking trip, and invited them to use our house over the weekend… On their way out the door, they were trying to be helpful by shutting off the heating and cooling system to reduce our energy consumption while the house was empty. But what they ended up doing was a lot of Heating and A/C damage. You see, they’re from hot, sunny Florida, and when they arrived, it was only going to be 60 degrees outside, so I powered up the furnace to a low operating level for extra warmth to keep them comfortable. They clearly didn’t realize that the heat was running, mistaking the cold outdoor air as indoor AC! So as they left the house, the temperature control was bumped up to 85 degrees in order to keep the air conditioner from unnecessarily cycling. Well, upon our arrival home 4 days later… The house was incredibly hot, humid, and stagnant, and our furnace? A smoldering, inoperable hunk of metal. Our energy bill was terrifyingly high, and now we need to replace our central heating system. Well, they had tried to save us money.

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