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Turning on our heat

It’s not unusual for us to hit the road and travel some distance, like we did this past weekend. It seems like we’re always in the car nowadays, driving countless miles for whatever we want: music gigs, university tests, visiting the friends we’ve made across the States. So you’d think I’d be able to figure out the temperature control system at the house when we’re gone. But for the longest time, I just forgot to adjust the temperature before we set off on another adventure, and in the rush of packing, I would forget to rush down the hallway and turn down the A/C. Then, halfway through the trip, I’d remember that the A/C was still set to 72 degrees or the heater was still blasting up our energy bill. After that, I couldn’t help feeling guilty and anxious about the energy I wasted, which ruined my mood on the trip. That’s why my partner finally had a smart thermostat installed. After that, I could adjust the indoor air temperature from anywhere! Whenever I remembered that our HVAC system was still on at home, I could just change the control equipment settings and lower our anxiety with it. That was definitely an improvement to our house energy expenditure and HVAC plan… Now if only I could figure out how to use it right! Last weekend, I thought I was turning the A/C down while we were away, but I was actually cranking up the heat to 78 degrees. When we got home, the temperature was almost as high as our energy bill.

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