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The duct cover

My dad is an old school kind of guy who doesn’t appreciate having to rely on anyone for anything. This includes Heating, Ventilation plus A/C needs. He used to have an old fashioned oil furnace at home, although he got really fatigued of paying the local oil company to come to the house to fill up the tanks in the winter. Because of this, Dad decided to install a wood burning stove in the basement. He routed all of the heating ducts throughout the entire house to help distribute the heat. Then, Dad set to work by chopping firewood. And if you’ve ever heated with a woodburning stove instead of a gas furnace, you probably realize that you can’t really regulate the heat. Wood burning stoves don’t have control units attached to them, so you can’t decide what the temperature is going to be. They are either on or they’re off; there’s no in-between with them! The two of us came to visit our dad in the middle of March, but where he lives it’s still pretty cool outside overnight. He always uses the wood stove to stay comfortable and toasty while he’s sleeping. However, when the outside temperature starts to rise outside in the afternoons, the wood stove does not magically stop putting off heat. The heat still comes through the ventilation ducts into the house until the wood is all burned up. Only then will it stop putting off heat. This can be a problem when the Spring afternoons of March get to temperatures of 70 degrees! You don’t really need heating at those temperatures! It was so hot in Dad’s house when we were there that we all ended up sitting on the porch instead of in the kitchen!


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