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I don’t want to be in the spotlight

This month the people I was with and I drove 468 miles across four states to get to my family’s house in the mountains, and it was a truly long drive! As we made our way from the northern area of the country to the southern area of the country, the weather changed considerably. All of us couldn’t believe how swiftly all of the snow plus frosty rain melted away into warmth of the sunshine. I don’t think that we would’ve honestly noticed the change if it hadn’t been for the feud over the thermostat inside the car; my fiance kept saying how hot it was in the car plus he kept turning the temperature down on the heating unit. I, on the other hand, was frosty cold, so all I wanted was the car’s heating to be blowing directly on my feet. My fiance turned my heated seat on for me plus cracked the window an inch, but it didn’t help, he said that the way the car’s furnace was blasting hot air through the air vents at him, he felt like he was inside a sauna instead of the front seat of a car. I couldn’t get warm, though! The cold Winter weather at home had been so bad that I was used to using the heating all the time. I couldn’t imagine it being warm enough for me to change the temperature on the car’s thermostat. The closer that we got to the equator, though, the more I realized that maybe the un-even temperatures outside were rising after all. And eventually, it was forty degrees warmer than it had been when we left the driveway. At that point, I gave up. I turned off my heated seat and I let my fiance turn on the a/c.   

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