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I’ve recently been laboring with our in laws to helping them to establish rental property in our city.  It has been quite an adventure. They’re obviously looking to get into a money making proposition with these investments, meaning the property needs to be in good condition! We’re carefully checking out the energy efficiency, window and door insulation, and especially the Heating and Air Conditioning system that is installed in a home they like. Recently, they started thinking about breaking mansions into separate smaller rental units. They’ve decided that it could be a good way for making a good income, however the big issue would be providing heating and cooling to the separate living spaces. The beach property is already outfitted with a central heating and cooling system and it would be difficult for the occupants to find a communal temperature setting to make everyone happy. It seems like someone would be chilly or cold or burning up or hot due to the temperature requirements of whoever had the thermostat in there unit. I’m thinking it would be the king of the castle, you know? The fact that these interhome houses dwellers often share many tall stories means the indoor air conditioning would differ between each floor! The basement renter would be colder most of the time whereas the top floor resident would be perspiring to death no matter what the season. I personally feel that there could be physical battles over the right to control temperature settings.  Especially in the hot summer when tensions are high. I can’t imagine how people would be able to coexist comfortably in this situation.


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