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I’m not impressed

I’ve never before considered how much weather conditions could impact major decisions in my life until I heard an interesting story on NPR. It was about a highly moral and upright gentleman who appeared to have totally lost his mind out seemingly out of the blue.  He committed horrific crimes towards men, women, children and some animals which were completely out of character. The NPR story was about the effects weather conditions can have on our mental state. This guy had seemingly lost his friggin’ mind during a brutal heat wave during a terrible summer.  Numerous psychologists were in agreement that the overwhelming heat may have exacerbated this guys underlying mental disorders thus causing the sudden numerous outbursts. Well, I have a difficult time blaming the sun for his horrific crime spree, despite the fact that it influenced my recent home hunting! During a 98 degree day, my wife and I decided to visit several homes for sale  in our area. It was brutally hot hot outside with extremely high humidity. Every trip from the SUV and house was excruciating. Not only was my mood hugely affected by the exhausting heat, I realized at the end of the day that the climate had influenced our perception of the houses! It was in hindsight I realized that we were most impressed with homes that had cooler indoor temperatures! The transition between the hot sizzling outdoor air and perfectly cold indoor air was refreshing and left us wanting more from the home.  Both of us had ruled out all properties with AC settings which were warmer! This perhaps was an okay strategy if it proved the quality of the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system rather than the realtor’s thermostat settings.

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