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What I did last weekend

It’s so strange people try to put on a perfect front for their partner when they start dating.  I don’t like the thought of sneaking around in a relationship or being no genuine in any way, so I’m upfront with my strengths and weaknesses, for the most part.  My girlfriend knows most everything about me and we largely have a transparent relationship… except in one area. My woman has a disability with using indoor temperature control! She thinks that it’s an unnecessary necessity and I guess she might actually frown on people for wanting to use the HVAC to keep their indoor temperature comfortable. I haven’t been totally open about how much I use our air conditioning and furnace unit at home.  When she’s home, I get by with whatever the air temperature indoors is. I will put on jackets or take off my clothes depending on how hot or cold I am. The moment she leaves our home, I go into it’s a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C free for all! I jump up and race to the thermostat without abandon. I adjust the air temperature up or down with great fondness. I set our gas furnace to the perfect temperature for our weather conditions that afternoon. I shed all my extra layers and get comfortable so I can work efficiently from lake cottage without being uncomfortable.   I don’t want to tell my girlfriend that I mess with the A/C and heating settings so I pay for the energy bill. I only hope she doesn’t find out my deep, dark Heating, Ventilation, and A/C secret.

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