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I have been dating my woman for about seven years now plus she has had the same job the whole time! I work normal hours plus go to work at eight plus am able to get to our lake house by five. I feel that not all people are so lucky to have these kinds of hours plus I don’t take it for granted! However, it would be amazing if my woman had somewhat normal hours. She works for a 24 hour Heating plus A/C company plus is on call most evenings. She can get calls in the midst of the night plus have to go to someone’s lake household to help with a heating or cooling malfunction. I wish that we were able to hold the same working hours, however sadly we don’t. She has been working for this Heating plus A/C company since we were in school plus she hopes that she will be able to be an owner someday. I believe she has the determination to make it happen, but I also believe working these kind of hours is absolutely ridiculous. I want to be able to have a normal relationship where we are both at the lake house for dinner every single night, but I am trying to be entirely understanding. I believe that if she puts in the work now, she won’t have to work these bizarre hours forever. She does get some pretty hilarious stories working for a 24 hour Heating plus A/C company plus I am definitely blissful that she can laugh about it. I also hope that she doesn’t get burnt out soon because she is working a lot of hours a week!

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