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The new climate control

Having children can be a really extravagant thing. I definitely know this because I have many children with another one on the way! There are several costs that you don’t think of when you are preparing to have a child… One thing I didn’t think about was the cost of childcare. I don’t even know why this wasn’t something that I thought about when I was budgeting for the first child, but the cost of daycare is insanely extravagant. We finally found a reasonable daycare that was close to our household that didn’t cost an arm plus a leg, but it was still a bit overpriced. We had a couple of friends suggest this particular daycare so thought it would be an enjoyable fit for us. However, after the first month we knew that something was not right. I picked up my child on her first morning plus she was totally sweaty. I asked her what was wrong plus she said that it was tepid inside the room. So, I went up to the daycare plus felt a massive wave of tepid air hit my face. I asked what was going on plus they said that the heating plus cooling device had stopped working. I didn’t know how the heating plus cooling device wasn’t working but I was not delighted that my child was in a room all through the day with zero a/c. I told them if they didn’t get the a/c fixed quickly, my child would no longer be attending this daycare. They didn’t seem to care all that much, but said they would start working on their Heating plus A/C problems.

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