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I will wait an hour if I have to

I enjoy working out basically everyday. I think it might seem crazy to some, however for me, it is the perfect lifestyle. I absolutely want to be in shape because I live in the South plus all of us spend a majority of our time outside on boats plus at the beach. It is vital to me that I maintain my figure year round! Most of my friends are this way which is nice because that means I constantly have someone to go to the gym with me. I don’t really enjoy going to the gym by myself, despite the fact that I will do it if I must… However, I much like having a gym buddy! A gym buddy helps to keep you motivated when you are feeling like you don’t want to be there any longer. My number one gym buddy that I have is my woman. She is always challenging me plus pushing me to be the best version of myself. I made the decision a day last week to meet her at the gym after we were both done with work. I had a rather stressful day plus I was gleeful to release some of the built up tension. When I walked into the gym I was hit with a wall of overheated air. It felt pretty much like the gas furnace was on plus I could not feel any air vents blowing out cool air from the A/C. I asked the woman at the front desk plus she said their Heating plus Air Conditioning device stopped toiling about an hour ago plus that they had a Heating plus Air Conditioning company coming out to see what the issue was. I didn’t feel they would be able to service the Heating plus Air Conditioning device before my woman plus I started to workout. I was so frustrated because I was ready for a superb workout that day.

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