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We are battling climate change

When I was apartment hunting last year I had a list of things that I entirely wanted in our first home, and one of them was a zone controlled central heating and air conditioning unit! I was moving into the apartment with my fiance, so I knew that being able to adjust the thermostat to different settings in each room would come in handy. She has typically liked to keep the cooling system running at full speed because she’s truly hot-natured. I, on the other hand, tend to get freezing easily, so I like to keep the apartment a little warmer; Now, when we are in different rooms, she is able to leave the cooling plan on while I turn it off. When we lived in a smaller apartment together, we were consistently battling over how to adjust the thermostat. I knew we needed change. That’s when I started researching zone controlled heating and air conditioning units. This is an excellent feature for us–I’m so thrilled that I insisted on having it while I was looking at different rental properties around town. I would recommend the zone controlled gas heating and air conditioning units to anyone because aside from making our living space more comfortable. It has also been able to help us keep our power bill to a minimum. I appreciate our apartment; we plan on living out the rest of our days here! Putting extra thought into the appliances and how things run is important when choosing a place to live. I wouldn’t be nearly as gratified with our choice if I had overlooked these important details. Now, we’re set for years to come!

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