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What is the worst part here?

I believe the worst quality that a lady can have is being too confident, and I say this because I used to be this way. It was always getting me into trouble then. For instance, I would often take on jobs that I wasn’t qualified to do, so I wouldn’t be able to finish them. I can remember the time that I arrived back at my cabin to find that our air conditioner wasn’t running. Instead of calling a heating and air conditioning provider to handle it, I decided that I would do the service myself. This would have been fine if I had known a few things about cooling systems–even though I didn’t! After an hour, there were A/C system parts all over our yard, but I still had no system what the problem was… When I finally gave in and called the heating and air conditioning technician to come out, she laughed when she saw the mess that I had made. It ended up taking her twice the amount of time she would have needed to fix the original problem. However, because I had messed the cooling system up even more, the service cost was also higher than it would have been. While I had the air conditioner back to normal that evening, I was pretty frustrated that I had interfered with the service as well as made things worse… A little bit of patience would have gone a long way in that ordeal. The whole experience was especially humbling. I don’t know I will try to take things like that into my own hands ever again. I need to know my limits! No more taking on things that I’m not qualified to do.

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