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One locale where I know for certain a lot of planning goes into the air quality is the airport! I have heard that the reason the air conditioners are constantly operating at full blast in them is because they are doing their best to prevent germs from spreading to others. This makes perfect sense to me since I am constantly upset about being near multiple people while traveling. If keeping the air conditioner at a frosty temperature will help in any way to keep the air quality higher, then I’m all for it. I can actually recall a time when I was travelling to visit some friends on the other side of the country a few years back. It was winter, so we were in the midst of flu season, but while waiting for my plane to board I was resting next to a lady who was coughing and sneezing non-stop… A day after I arrived to visit my friends, I came down with the flu. I’m nearly positive that I got it from her. I was so terribly disappointed that I felt sick on my trip. This experience totally made me twice about taking care of myself while traveling. It was after that when I came to the realization that the temperatures in the airport were entirely justified. I mean, I am more than willing to carry an extra sweater or coat along for my plane ride so that I’m not so bothered by the nippy temperatures. I’m a serious germaphobe, so anything that helps keep me from getting sick is all good with me.

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