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I did want a new heater

I am lucky enough to have multiple gorgeous homes: one in northern part of Florida and one in the southern part of Florida.  My boyfriend, dogs, and I live in the southern part of Florida in Tampa for most of the year. Our upstate residence is our getaway home.  It is located in a more rural setting, so it allows us to get away from the cluster of Tampa. Florida is pretty consistent when it comes to weather.  However, we see a big difference in weather conditions between each of our properties, which are only a few hours drive apart. Our home in Tampa can get pretty hot.   The infrastructure of the city, such as the tall buildings and cement sidewalks, keep Tampa pretty hot throughout the year. Heat traps itself easily in this cement and concrete.  In contrast, our upstate rural home often gets cooler temperatures throughout the year. There are even some snow falls during the winters, keeping the home chilly for most of the year.  Since these areas differ on weather conditions, we have different heating and cooling systems in each of our homes. In our Tampa home, we have a powerful air conditioner. It would be able to cool our rural house in minutes.  In our upstate home, we have a smart control unit installed. This is a great set up that heats or cools our rural house quickly when conditions change. We installed this unit in our rural home because it allows us to set the control to any temperature before arriving to our home. We don’t have to wait for temperatures to change; the rural house is ready by the time we get there! I find it so interesting that weather can change so quickly in some areas of Florida! It is one of many unique qualities of our Florida!

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