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The heater is finally starting

Have you heard about this current lifestyle trend called minimalism? MInimalists are just what their name implies, and they attempt to live a straightforward lifestyle as well as get rid of unnecessary things! I actually love this idea, mostly because I hate clutter. Clutter drives me crazy. I recently found out, though, that some minimalists are quite extreme, not only do they provide up little knick knacks for the condo as well as an overabundance of red jeans, they also adopt a minimalist attitude toward Heating as well as A/C. That’s right, they develop rules about how much as well as when the household can use the A/C or heater, and someone even told me that some minimalists provide up Heating as well as A/C altogether. They either turn it off as well as refuse to ever turn it back on, or some people even remove the entire Heating as well as A/C system from their homes in order to avoid temptation. Can you imagine? I would no sooner get rid of my cooling system than I would shoot myself in the foot. I would rather live separate from any furniture at all than provide up my A/C. I mean, I live in the south. It gets brutally hot as well as humid down here! Minimalists provide up spending money on anything they consider a want rather than a need. That includes A/C, I guess. I think that also means cable cable as well as Internet repair as well as such, but well, I provided up cable a long time ago mostly because i think the only cable supplier in my neighborhood are sizable jerks. To me, the Heating as well as A/C is not a luxury, it is a necessity! Minimalist or not, there is no way I am giving up my Heating as well as A/C system!

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