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All of us in the South are in the middle of Springtime at the moment, as well as it is beautiful, and it seems as if this has been the longest Winter in a long time. I’m from the south, so in comparison to colder areas of the country, our winters aren’t that bad, Even with that being the case, this was a frigid winter that felt like it lasted for years. Colder than the people who have lived here their whole lives knew how to deal with! Now that Springtime is has finally come, I’m beginning to remember the upcoming hot and humid mornings of summer. I prefer the cold months to the hotter months. I rarely use the furnace during those frigid weeks, even though I am always turning the temperature on the thermostat down in the summer. I rely heavily on our a/c unit. Springtime is always a reminder for me to make sure our a/c is in tip top shape. I call in the local Heating and A/C servicemen to thoroughly inspect the heating as well as cooling just to make sure our a/c isn’t going to bite the dust on me in during those hot summer days. I do this same Heating and A/C tune-up in the fall, in preparation for the upcoming winter. I do it just because I might need to use the furnace if others in the house are needing some extra heat. Normally, don’t, even I turn on the furnace at night. Minus those times when the temperature control reading plunges to freezing temperatures. Springtime may bring flowers and warmth to mind for lots of folks, but at my house, Springtime brings thoughts of getting our a/c worked on as well as getting our air duct cleaned.

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