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Clean and fresh air

It gets a bit nuts around my house when spring arrives.  As soon as the weather changes, I have a lot of jobs that I need to do.  I adore getting out all of the patio furniture and setting it up on my large wooden deck. I even like changing the kid’s clothes over to summer clothes. I also clean my home from top to bottom, the rugs, walls and floors are all scrubbed.  Most importantly, I make sure to clean my air conditioner before the summer weather arrives. The last thing I want, in my clean house, is to turn on a dirty air conditioner. Furthermore, letting the AC turn on while dirty is bad for the air quality because whatever is in the AC system, will flow into the home.  Dust, dirt, and mold will pollute your indoor air. It will make my teenagers and myself sick and unhealthy. Another reason to clean the AC is to keep it running more efficiently. An air conditioner system that operates with mold on the cooling coil is bad. Also using a dirty air filter makes it slow and sluggish. If you want lower utility bills, clean your AC system. A dirty air conditioner cannot run as fast, as often and as efficiently. The cooling system has to run longer and work harder in order to achieve the temperature set on the thermostat control. Lastly, the air conditioner should be cleaned because it could simply shut down. Letting the air conditioner run while dirty causes it to overheat eventually. It can overheat and totally shut down, or just an important part will break. If you want the AC to last longer, you should clean it before you run it.

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