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At least three days each week I try to go to the gym so that I can get a superb workout in; usually I’m there for an hour or so, which is just enough time for me to jog on the treadmill and lift up some weights. I appreciate having a gym membership because it’s entirely sizzling where I live, and I don’t believe I would be actually motivated to jog if I had to do it outside in the heat everyday. Instead, I am able to take the treadmill near a cooling  vent and let the cool air blow on me while I’m pumping my heart rate up. Having a temperature controlled space to exercise in is actually very important to me, and that’s why I really do value my gym membership so much; before I had it, I had a really difficult time staying in a routine because I was regularly put off by the heat. I would often get overheated when I would try to run around my neighborhood, and I’d end up cutting my workout short. I believe it would be superb if all communities gave some sort of indoor fitness space that the public could use. I believe that it would be a big game changer in keeping people motivated to stay healthy! We often live  sedentary lifestyles nowadays, and it’s important to make an effort to exercise! An air conditioned space would actually help keep a lot of people sticking to their goals and maintaining superb health. I know that it’s been a real game changer for me!

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