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Beer recipe and HVAC settings

I do not have a guy cave, I have a beer cave in my residence! I can tell you it is not related to my gender in any way, because I firmly believe if I had been born a lady I would still have a passion for beer. My beer cave is committed to giving you the perfect beer drinking experience. I have a freezer in the corner just to keep glass beer mugs at the perfect level of frost. I have a pony keg loaded up in a unit that looks a bit like a fridge, with a spigot to have draft beer on tap. The thing that people rarely notice though, is that I have a special Heating & A/C machine to keep the entire room at the perfect levels of air quality. This is partially done for the taste of the beer, as it should typically be kept & served at a unique temperature level for maximum enjoyment. It is also important for the people who happen to be drinking the beer, because you can enjoy it more with the perfect air quality. Most people don’t know about how air quality messes with taste, however foul smells in the air like smoke or body odor can actually ruin the taste of an ice-cold beer. My air filtration machine typically sweeps the air clean of various pollutants & smells, while the Heating & A/C is able to maintain a perfect seventy degrees basically at all times. I put so much work into making the air conditions so perfect that we would never notice them. I don’t wish for them to be thinking about the a/c machine, however about how superb the beer tastes.

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