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AC is just not working

I was so thrilled last year when I finally found a great location to set up my arts and crafts shop downtown; I had been looking for a shop location, but due to my chronic anxiety it took me a while to find a storefront that met all of my needs. After nearly two years of shopping around, I finally discovered a studio space I loved, located on the top floor of a two story building in a popular shopping district downtown. I was so overjoyed with it throughout the Fall plus the winter months while I was busy renovating the entire inside of the facility. I even got all new modern Heating, Ventilation and A/C equipment installed in there with an advanced ventilation system to help us deal with the subpar air quality that was coming in from outside. I thought everything was perfect with my modern space: it was big, it was attractive, and it was so comfortable in there with my all my brand new oil furnace plus air purification system! The only problem was that I’d only worked in there during the cooler parts of the year. And boy, did I have  a rude surprise coming my way when the summer hit. The studio inexplicably began to get hotter and hotter during each afternoon until it became an almost unbearable temperature! It was so blaring hot inside day after day after day, and no matter how low I turned down the AC unit, it stayed hot in there. I was very puzzled, because the air quality was so truly hot. However, it lacked the humidity that outdoor air has so it was really a mystery. It took me more than 3 days of toiling in the heat and running electric fans from the corners of the workspace to finally realize what was happening in there. Turns out that the storefront below us was a hot yoga studio, and their hot yoga classes combined with the sunshine coming in through the windows was just way too much for my AC equipment to handle and keep the area cool!

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