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I have always wanted to travel the world, even while I was a small child. After high school, I took a gap year before college and traveled to multiple countries. After this, I was confident that this would be my life long desire. When I was twenty-eight years old, I was contracted by a research dealer. It seemed like a difficult job, but one of the perks was that I would constantly be traveling all over the world, so I quickly accepted the offer. Ever since then, I have traveled to nearly thirty countries per year. This job has made my goals of traveling a reality! I spend a ton of time in airports now that I travel frequently. It almost feels more like a home to me than my actual home. One downfall that I have realized about almost every airport in the U.S is that they are kept quite frigid. It feels like the airport is more frigid than the weather outside in the Winter.. I don’t know if they have the AC running year round, but it sure feels as if they do. I get so frigid in airports that no matter what season of the year it is, I constantly bring a coat or thick sweater with me. It’s humorous to me that I have found airports in foreign countries to be literally the polar opposite of those in the U.S. Airports in other countries seem to constantly be entirely tepid. I am pretty sure they don’t even own air conditioners. I traveled to Asia last year, plus I distinctly remember that one of the airports I transferred into was so tepid that I was dripping with sweat just strutting from one gate to another. I’m not sure why they can’t seem to keep airports at a comfortable climate. At least I have a lot of experience in preparing for them!

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