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Introducing some moisture

When I bought our first house, I was a bit taken aback by the many responsibilities.  I had constantly rented apartments and trusted on a landlord to handle upkeep & repairs.  I didn’t even own a snow shovel, hoe, ladder, hose or grass mower. I had never wiped the vent on a dryer or the aerator on a kitchen faucet.  I didn’t know a thing about draining adumping hot water tank, air filters in our heating/cooling equipment, or sealing around windows. When I moved here, the oil furnace placed into the dwelling was already twelve years old.  It appeared to be in decent condition plus handled the frigid weather without any problem. Every fall, I raised the setting on the temperature control plus started up the oil furnace. Every Spring, I lowered the temperature on the temperature control plus turn off the oil furnace.  Other than putting in new air filters, I wasn’t aware I had to give any more repair. The oil furnace totally overheated, in the heart of the night, while I was in a snowstorm, when the outside temperature was twenty degrees. The Heating & Air Conditioning corporation that came to handle the repair questioned me about our repair program.  I had no clue what she was talking about. She then proceeded to explain to me the legitimately disgusting accumulation of detritus inside the oil furnace. She explained that a buildup of contaminants made the oil furnace to get too hot, which led to a break in the heat exchange. Because I’d failed on having the oil furnace professionally taken care of every year, I had to buy a whole up-to-date oil furnace.  I was forced to eek by with space heat for many nights, while in the replacement process but nearly froze to death.

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