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The rides and our a/c equipment

My husband and I love attending carnivals and festivals in our state. Just waiting in line to see an event gets my heart racing. Every Summer, we try to visit as many carnivals and festivals as possible. Last Summer, we visited over fifteen weird carnivals and festivals all within more than four hundred miles from our duplex. My favorite part about carnivals and festivals is the food. That food is on an entirely different level than normal food. In my opinion, the only downfall to carnivals and festivals is the sizzling temperature. When my family goes to a carnival or festival, we are gonna get a least an entire day of fun out of it, which means we don’t leave until the event closes. This means we are there while I was in the most sizzling part of the day. It reaches the peak during midday, and it is often unbearable. I wish they could instal an A/C unit at each location. It would be so much more enjoyable if it wasn’t so sizzline. I suppose it’s entirely not possible to have A/C at each event and place, although I very desire that it was. Rather than enduring this sizzling heat, my husband and I try to find a building that has an air conditioner whenever we want to cool down. We do not believe that this is a huge waste of time like some people. Both of us spend most of the afternoon chowing down our preferred festival foods plus drinks in anticipation for the long night of fun. I can’t wait until next summer.

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