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HVAC system leaking on the rug

With two toddler twins and a dog to chase after all day, things can get pretty crazy around our house.  Around every corner is a ball, a cup, a chew toy, someone’s pants, or any number of other things that I am constantly picking up.  One morning, my hubby and I kept stepping in a puddle in the hall by the bathroom. We both assumed it was from the youngsters somehow and just kept throwing down towel after towel. After numerous times stepping in the puddle in the same spot, we came to realize it was the air conditioner that was dripping water. We called up our local HVAC business, not too happy about having to spend money on getting whatever was broken repaired, and were surprised when they told us to try something before having them send out a worker. The lady on the phone said to use a long “snake” like cleaning brush in the drain that was leaking and then to run some water down the cleanout cap to flush it out. Not too sure what the cleanout cap was, we tried our best to follow their directions and sure enough the air conditioner was working like new. We called our HVAC provider back to let them know and to thank them for helping us avoid an extra service bill. It was quite an awesome feeling to be able to handle this issue on our own, and not waste the dealers time doing something we were actually capable of doing. Of course the snake trick doesn’t work every time, but it’s nice to know that our  HVAC provider would prefer helping us out with a little problem more than they do getting currency out of us.

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