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My cousin and I love to travel. Whether it is for special occasions, important events, or the two of us just want to check some part of the country out, we make sure to figure out every little detail of the outing. We have done this so often and know how to book and prepare so well, you would think the two of us were travel agents. We always prioritize having a high quality place to stay. That may seem odd, however the location you stay in can have a great effect on the trip; you do not want to arrive for a great getaway at some rundown, cheap motel on the side of the road, miles away from all the activities you want to do. The room has to be comfortable, it has to be convenient, and it must be well kept and properly accommodated. As far as I’m concerned, should I be in need of anything, within reason, I want to be able to rely on the host or hotel staff to do that thing for me. Another important aspect of our trip is the HVAC system in the room. I tend to overheat and get night sweats occasionally, so sleeping near a well functioning cooling system is a must. On one particular trip my cousin and I checked into our room, unpacked, and decided where we would head first. I automatically set my things on the bed closest to the cooling system. I go to check what the temperature is, and make sure it is turned on. I couldn’t change the temperature, and we realized the system was automated.. We could not control the temperature ourselves! I called down to the front desk to ask if there were a way to specify a desired temperature in the room. The clerk at the desk said to turn off the automated feature, we had to use a keypad near the door. I had never seen or even heard of such a complicated HVAC system. Finally, we were able to figure the thing out and set the temperature to our comfort level.

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