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I am the mother of an inmate.  Yes, she did wrong in her life, although she is paying for her mistake I’m thankful her incarceration will soon be ending.  My daughter, Michaela will be released from prison soon, where she has been in this non-air conditioned site for the last 3 years.  Every month I have gone to visit her at the prison where she is held. I’ve always found it uncomfortable there, I don’t understand why it has to be so hot.  There is truly isn’t any air conditioning in that facility. Even if the inmates were the hard-core type, I would expect some type of cooling system. We are in the south and it’s summertime, so the barest minimum of cold air would help to rehabilitate these women and men.  Comfort or lack of it, as I said is understandable, however being housed in a facility that has no AC can just get all the inmates angry, and potentially cause more trouble there. Michaela just told me at our last visit that they, as inmates have sued the state to force the  authorities to add AC to this facility. They argued in court that they should be housed at a maximum of 80 degrees. I’ve been there to visit and every one of us were dripping with sweat. Of course, she’s used to not having cold air, although I am not. She tells me that the state agreed to bring AC to the facility, but not a year soon enough!  

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