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HVAC is the first thing to change

My best friend and I loved to watch home improvement shows on cable. This “house flipping” concept seemed so simple to us, we thought we could pull it off. So after numerous years of saying we should do it, we finally did!  We followed the neighborhood auctions of delinquent tax seized homes and started to go to the auctions. Finally a home came up that we thought would make a superb flip and we purchased it! It took both of our whole savings to purchase this home, but we were confident it was a good risk. It was Winter, by the time we began renovations, though.  We knew we had a couple of chilly months of renovation ahead of us. My buddy recommend that the first thing we should do is have the whole HVAC system of the home checked out. I thought it was a superb system and called the heating and A/C service company that I used at our own home. A serviceman came out rapidly and ran a number of tests on our gas furnace and central air system. It turns out that we did need a couple repairs and a bit of a tune up on the gas furnace and a thorough cleaning of the air conditioner.  But the cost was within our budget and we knew it was going to be comfortable inside while we did our renovations. It didn’t take long during this house flipping experience for us to realize that it was not so easy as portrayed on the shows we watched on cable. We learned a great deal while in our first flip and now after 10 houses renovated and sold for a profit, we are convinced of the importance of having the HVAC system looked at very early on in the flip.

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