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My son, Henry continues to suffer from serious allergies.  The need for fresh, high indoor air quality is something everyone needs, but many people can get away with the minimum, but not my son.  His need for air quality is essential. You know if your a/c doesn’t kick on that it will be hot and you most likely will have to spend money on a service call, but with someone like our son, a lack of indoor air quality can be debilitating.  Obviously, a simple changing of the air filter is typically needed, but it didn’t help him much, plus we’ve been habitual about changing the air filter for the health and longevity or our a/c and furnace. Our air quality concerns started out simple enough, few sneezes here,watery eyes there, but then it never seemed to end. We took him to an allergist for some tests. The doctor recommended  that we replace our HVAC system plus have an additional air cleaner installed as well. A newly installed air cleaner will help to eliminate the pollen plus the dust that is causing him harm. We instantly began searching for the right HVAC provider, found one that would replace our system, install an air cleaner, plus get the ducts cleaned out. I’m glad we found an HVAC provider from coupons we acquired in the mail, because plus this company is doing all this HVAC work on credit!  

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