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Problem with our furnace

Last wintertime my husband and I ended up having to deal with an oil furnace emergency! If you’ve never had such an emergency, then you most likely don’t realize what a large problem it can be. It’s especially problematic if you live in the northern area of the country like us. You see, it routinely drops below the freezing point in these parts, so if your oil furnace isn’t working, you could actually freeze inside your own house! As we learned, area space heaters and kerosene gas furnaces just don’t do the trick when you’re trying to heat an entire house. You need to have an oil furnace that is in working order. So that’s why this fall, my husband and I decided we would have a heating preventative maintenance safety check done on our oil furnace system. We did it before the temperatures got cold outside! When the HVAC worker came out to the house, he explained that the gas oil furnace tune-up and subsequent safety check would include cleaning the burners and pilot light, checking our heat exchanger and our main gas valve, testing out the blower belt (and replacing it if needed), checking our thermostat, our safety pilot operation, and our oil blower. When the HVAC worker finished listing off the many things he was going to check out, I felt like giving him a big hug! No way would the two of us end up cold in our house this year in the middle of winter! And from now on, I will schedule one of these heating preventative maintenance safety checks faithfully each year in the fall.

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