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HVAC care is my job

My preferred destination for a weekend away is my family’s cottage in the mountains! About four years ago, my younger brother and I all went in on the cottage because the two of us wanted a place to use throughout the year when we needed an escape. When we initially purchased it, we split the price two ways. Plus, we agreed to take on certain tasks so we could keep it in excellent shape. One thing that I hold responsibility for is taking care of the HVAC unit. I have to make sure that the coils get cleaned and the air filters are changed correctly. Additionally, I schedule a routine service visit with an HVAC professional once a year so that he can come out to be certain everything is in good shape overall. I’m aware that it’s pretty important to do this so that any small troubles can be weeded out before they worsen. So far, the two of us haven’t had to deal with any unexpected air conditioner troubles, and that’s a big relief since we’ve been using the cottage pretty frequently. As it’s more than three hours away from the city that we live in, the two of us alternate going up to the cottage with our families. Sometimes the two of us will plan a weekend where we’re all there together so as to spend time together as well as catch up. I am happy to take on the work of maintaining the air conditioner because it’s something I’m actually familiar with, and I’m aware of how pressing it is to keep it running well. Having it remain in excellent shape is actually vital to making sure that we can enjoy ourselves when we are able to head up to the cottage!

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