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The air conditioner just won’t start

My father owns a bakery and makes custom cakes that are easily more a work of art than pastries! He’s been doing cakes ever since I was a little girl so by now, he’s good at it. The only concern that my father has had with his bakery has been the shop’s old heating and cooling system. He knew that he might end up needing to update some things in the HVAC system when he first bought the building, although he decided to try to make do with what was already installed, at least for the first couple of years. He thought he would wait and see if he could afford to replace the heating and cooling system once he started to turn a profit! Unfortunately, the air conditioning system has easily been on the blink lately, plus it’s more of a concern than you would think, you easily have to have a reliable HVAC system when you’re dealing with cakes. Otherwise, your icing get easily soft and sloppy looking, then decorations that were created painstakingly for hours just melt and it’s super discouraging. This month my father called the local heating and cooling company and tomorrow they’re coming out to do an estimate for a whole new heating and cooling system.

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