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Need smart HVAC control

Having aging parents is never fun and somewhat frustrating. My parents moved into my small guest house last month. I didn’t have the heart to put them into a home at their age so this seemed like the best solution. They aren’t super old, however they were having troubles living alone and need care from time to time. Having them live on our backyard was a lot safer. I did not imagine all of the complications and costs that were involved in this choice. We never really used the guest house much, so we didn’t see the increase in our utility bill coming to us. Even still, it surprised us and seemed higher than we thought it should be. I asked my parents about it, but they said they used the temperature control the normal amount. I knew we needed to do something and find out the cause of the increase.  One day, while they we out with their senior group, we had an HVAC serviceman come in to help us find a solution. He was awesome and in the end he suggested we install the Smart App for the temperature control. At first I was confused but he explained that I could control the thermostat remotely from the main house and see any fluctuations in the settings. And, in the worst case scenario, I could make adjustments to the system from my phone. I felt bad spying on my parents, however I had to find out what was happening. We monitored the usage for a month plus saw how they would leave on the heating or a/c when they weren’t home. I couldn’t believe how much they used the system and changed the temperature. I started to adjust the temperature from my phone. They never figured it out, thankfully, and I got my utility bill back down!

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